Everything was helpful and informative as well as insightful. Family Week gave me lots to think about. I now have a much better understanding of all aspects and it gives me the knowledge and tools to be better for myself as well as for my daughter.

Nancy G.

Adolescent Continuing/Aftercare

Continuing/Aftercare is an essential component to long-term sobriety.

Each patient, together with their parents or guardian, will attend two discharge planning sessions. One during family week, and the other at the completion of the treatment stay. These sessions are designed to address the continuing care needs of the patient in their home community. Each youth will leave with a discharge plan and appointments to begin their aftercare program in their community.

Rimrock’s aftercare program is open to any adolescent who has recently completed treatment and is working a recovery program. Aftercare focuses on helping teens identify relapse triggers, and by using discussion and role play to help them identify and make healthy choices that will contribute to long-term sobriety.