I believe that Rimrock Foundation is a very professional organization. Great Job!

Greta P.

School Based Programs

Rimrock has full-time Counselors at Senior High, West High and Skyview High, Castlerock, Lewis and Clark, Will James, Riverside, as well as a part-time Counselor at the Billings Career Center.

These Licensed Addiction Counselors (LAC’s) work with teachers, deans and parents to support teens in making healthy choices related to questions of drug or alcohol use. They also provide services to students who have experienced problems associated with a family history of substance abuse. Programs include individual counseling, peer support groups, motivational enhancement groups, relapse prevention and Seven Challenges groups.

The High School Support Therapists (HSST) focus on providing mental health services to identified students enrolled at the assigned school. Individual therapy is provided to help students who are suffering from mental illness such as depression and anxiety but also to assist in dealing with family and relationship issues. HSST staff also assist in crisis situations and work to connect students and/or their family members with community resources.

School-based counselors can be reached at the following numbers:

Senior High School

Maggie Krakowiak: 

Staci West (HSST): 281-5557

West High School

Joyce Amundsen:

Tammy Hanify (HSST):

Skyview High School

Jamie Peterson:

Erin Bratsky (HSST):

Billings Career Center

Tiffany Whipple: 


Sicily Morris:

Lewis and Clark

Sicily Morris:

Will James

Cara Carter:


Cara Carter: