“Everything was helpful and informative as well as insightful. Family Week gave me lots to think about. I now have a much better understanding of all aspects and it gives me the knowledge and tools to be better for myself as well as for my daughter.” -Nancy G.

Nancy G.

What is Rimrock up to?

We have so many great things happening here at Rimrock. We are excited to show you what we’ve been up to!

This month, we are happy to announce that our ICT program is up and running. Integrated Co-Occurring Treatment (ICT) is an intense home and community based treatment model used to treat youth with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. This program allows for clinicians to work with a small caseload and offer individual and family therapy for clients in the home. Families use this program to help strengthen their family with the help of a clinical professional

Meet our Counselors for ICT!

Nate Church - Rimrock-Leading Addiction Treatment - Billings MT

Nate Church


Stephanie Waples

Please feel free to contact our adolescent services supervisor, Michelle Pinnow, if you have any additional questions. Michelle can be reached at; 248-3175 ext. 350 or email her at mpinnow@rimrock.org

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