“Dr. Horn,
I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation the other day. Your information and your delivery were spectacular. Frankly, I wish I had had a recorder on hand, as it’s difficult to remember all you said… I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm with regard to addressing brain disease. Incredible information.”

Mary F.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient

The Adolescent Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program provides quality addiction treatment while allowing youth to live at home and continue attending school.

Our Adolescent IOP program is conducted at the New Choices facility after school hours. This level of adolescent care may be accessed directly through referral or may function as a step-down service for youth completing a residential course of treatment who need to transition to a less intensive level of care. Males and females are accepted into this program.

Over the course of programming, clients engage in individual and group therapy. This program includes a family component that engages clients and their guardians in educational and therapeutic modalities designed to strengthen bonds and support families in adopting zero-tolerance strategies regarding substance use with their child.

This program operates on the Seven Challenges Decision-Making model to engage clients in setting goals and building internal motivation for longer lasting change.

The following treatment modalities are utilized in Rimrock’s Adolescent IOP program: