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Beth K.

Adolescent Residential

Rimrock’s residential treatment programs are designed to address the special needs of adolescents, their parents, and family members, whose lives are being negatively influenced through the abuse of mood-altering chemicals.

The New Choices program serves boys and Freedom House serves girls, both in residential settings. Programs provide an intensive developmentally appropriate treatment program for teens with substance use disorders. An average length of stay is 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the unique needs of the adolescent and their family.

By its very nature, chemical dependency influences the adolescent patient’s school performance, family relationships, social relationships, physical health and spiritual well-being. Treatment must, therefore, address each of these life areas. Our programs help patients to understand their illness and the recovery process, to learn effective ways of understanding and handling feelings and impulses, and to improve communication skills. The successful treatment of the adolescent requires active participation of the patient’s family.

The following treatment modalities are utilized used in Rimrock’s Adolescent Residential program:

Admission Criteria

  • Must be between 13 and 18 years of age
  • Must meet diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder
  • Must meet criteria for a residential level of care
  • Must function cognitively at a minimum age of 12
  • Anyone may make a referral to this program.

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