“Thank you so much for helping me see what has always been right in front of me and that’s a glimmer of hope. I feel like my life has turned for the better and couldn’t have done it without you.”

Don G.

School Based Programs

Substance use and Mental Health Services within School District II:

In an effort to meet the growing mental health needs of students, Rimrock has partnered with School District II to develop the Integrated School Based Program.

The Integrated School Based Program provides a clinician who is dually credentialed within the school to be able to provide services for student who may be experiencing difficulties related to a mental health issues, substance use issues and/or both. Some of the services they provide in the school include: assessments (for both chemical dependency and mental health issues), referrals for appropriate services outside of school, individual counseling, group counseling, and early screening/intervention for students found to be utilizing mood altering chemicals.


Senior High School:                  Cara Carter                           406-281-5521

West High School:                     Tammy Hanify                    406-281-5704

Skyview High School:               position open – apply through our careers tab   406-281-5156

Career Center:                            position open – apply through our careers tab         406-281-5102


Don’t see your school listed? These same services can be provided outside of the school setting and are often covered by insurance. Please contact Michelle Pinnow for further information.