“Rimrock offers a great program and it really is designed to help people in recovery!”

Alesha P.

School Based Programs

Substance use and Mental Health Services within School District II:

In an effort to meet the growing mental health needs of students, Rimrock has partnered with School District II to develop the Integrated School Based Program.

The Integrated School Based Program provides a clinician who is dually credentialed within the school to be able to provide services for student who may be experiencing difficulties related to a mental health issues, substance use issues and/or both. Some of the services they provide in the school include: assessments (for both chemical dependency and mental health issues), referrals for appropriate services outside of school, individual counseling, group counseling, and early screening/intervention for students found to be utilizing mood altering chemicals.


Senior High School: Meghan Salyer 406-281-5521

West High School: Jennifer Weisen 406-281-5725

Skyview High School: Jennifer Weisen 406-281-5333

Career Center: James Salyer 406-281-5192


Don’t see your school listed? These same services can be provided outside of the school setting and are often covered by insurance. Please contact Rimrock (406-248-3175) for further information.