“I miss the staff, they were all really friendly and welcoming. Putting myself in treatment was the best decision I have made for myself.”

Jaylen G.

Adult Assessments

Our qualified staff are here to help determine the most appropriate level of care for prospective clients.

Licensed Addiction Counselors and Licensed Mental Health Counselors provide screening and placement services to anyone wishing to undergo a substance use disorder and/or a mental health evaluation.

Clinical Interview

This evaluation includes an in-depth interview conducted between the client and licensed clinician to review life areas such as family history, medical history, legal history, substance use history and psychiatric history. Information is also gathered from family members r to obtain a comprehensive picture of the participant.

Following the evaluation and collateral information gathering, the clinician conducts a team staffing in order to provide the most appropriate, comprehensive recommendation. These recommendations are shared with the client and assistance is provided in setting up any subsequent sessions.