“Thank you so much for helping me see what has always been right in front of me and that’s a glimmer of hope. I feel like my life has turned for the better and couldn’t have done it without you.”

Don G.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

Rimrock is proud to offer Department of Transportation qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services.

Our SAP program allows for assessment, referral, treatment, education and testing in one comprehensive setting, saving you and your employees time and money.

Not only can we assess and refer employees under the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, we can also provide the recommended treatment and education. This affords quality service with coordination between the employee, business organization, and the DOT. We know that safety is your first priority, so let us help you ensure the safety of your employees and the public.
Rimrock is the premiere provider of substance use disorders treatment in Montana. We are pleased to provide SAP services to the Billings community and surrounding areas. We are your choice for SAP services.

For additional information, please contact Malcolm Horn at 406.248.3175 extension 430.