“Rimrock has gone out of their way to help me exceed my sobriety goals and maintain a healthy life. They’ve made it easier, more comfortable and possible!”

Cody E.

Adult Outpatient

Rimrock’s Outpatient Treatment programs provide a range of services at the least intensive level of care within our continuum of care.

Outpatient care is often the first contact a patient or family member has with Rimrock. The broad range of Outpatient services we offer meets the needs of all patients and often serves as a transition for patients from more intensive levels of care. The availability of walk-in assistance and easy accessibility to clinical evaluation is integral to the delivery of rehab services at Rimrock.

The clinical staff for this level of service are Licensed Addiction Counselors and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. On-call scheduling is provided to assure that any individual seeking assistance can be seen on a walk-in basis, without unnecessary delays, between 8:00am and 5:00pm, weekdays. After hours, this assistance is provided by the staff of Rimrock’s Medical Unit. Thus, 24 hours a day, anyone may receive basic screening services to assure appropriate intervention or referral.

The following Outpatient services are available at Rimrock:

Assessment and Treatment Planning

Licensed Addiction Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide bio-psycho-social assessments, develop treatment plans and coordinate referral services for referred patients who are concerned about addiction-related problems.

Individual and Family Therapy

A couples and family Therapist provides individual, group and family therapy to patients who are assessed and referred by Rimrock’s Outpatient assessment clinicians or the professional staff of the Inpatient and Day Treatment programs.

ACT Court School

A Licensed Addiction Counselor conducts this 12-hour assessment and education course under the Montana State Administrative Rules for ACT courses for individuals with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Misdemeanor Drug (MDD) or underage possession charges who are referred by the municipal court systems.

Relapse Prevention Program

Under the direction of a Licensed Addiction Counselor, this program operates 1.5 hours each week (Thursdays 5-6:30pm) and is available to patients who have completed a treatment program and are at high risk for relapse, or patients who may have relapsed and recognize their need for relapse prevention skill-building. Patients, ages 17 and older, may access this program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Licensed Counselors provide this level of treatment in a highly structured program. It includes individual, group and family therapy to patients diagnosed with a substance-related disorder or co-dependency, and who meet the admission criteria for this level of care. These sessions occur, four times per week, Monday through Thursday, year-round. Three other IOP Programs are offered through our Drug Court at the Silver Leaf Center.

Family Violence Program

Conducted by a Masters-level case manager, this weekly, 1.5 hour group is designed for women who have been involved in abusive relationships with addicts. Women who are addressing their own addiction and an abusive relationship, may also access this program.

Continuing/Aftercare Program

A team of Licensed Addiction Counselors provide group therapy, education and supportive services and regular individual therapy to patients who have completed an Inpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient programs. The purpose of this program is to assure the transition of the patient from rehab to home/community-based living while implementing abstinence-based recovery plans.

Outreach/Consulting Services

The clinical staff of Rimrock, provide community education presentations, professional training seminars and employee assistance consultation and advocacy to the community and surrounding region. These services are aimed at the education and prevention of addiction and the reduction of the stigma associated with addiction and mental illness.

Drug Screening Services

Urinalysis screening for drugs and alcohol as well as breathalyzer testing for alcohol is a service available at Rimrock. Anyone may request and receive a drug screen at any hour on any day of the week. Outpatient Counselors meet with individuals who present for testing to follow-up with them to assure assessment and referral services.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

This treatment program is typically reserved for those with a mild substance use disorder, not requiring a high intensity treatment program. This best practice modality provides clients with motivational strategies to empower them to make changes that will benefit life goals. Clients meet individually with a counselor for two sessions, followed by three group sessions.

Seeking Safety

Rimrock understands the strong correlation between past trauma and substance use. Seeking Safety is a best practice modality offered to individuals in Rimrock programs who have significant trauma or PTSD. The program focuses on the safety stage of healing from PTSD, and allows for clients to work through traumatic events in a safe, supportive environment.