Rimrock’s 50th Anniversary Symposium
September 14, 2018


Rimrock’s 4th Annual Pump-n-Run for Recovery
September 15, 2018


Leading Addiction Treatment

We create opportunity and balance to overcome the chaos of addiction through innovative, compassionate, and whole-person care. Rimrock is your choice for new beginnings.

Rimrock is the largest drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in the region, serving adults and adolescents with substance use and co-occurring disorders. Rimrock views addiction as a whole person illness affecting an individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is designed to help people in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota find a balance in their life.


Whether you have or have not completed treatment, we value your input.

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“Your entire staff were loving and caring. I was grateful for the experiences that provided me with some unique personal contact that was helpful in returning back into actual society, SOBER!”

Brad Z.

AID Montana

Rimrock is proud to support AID Montana in its efforts to combat the deadly effects of drug addiction in Montana. Learn more about how AID Montana is addressing Montana's substance abuse problem at https://dojmt.gov/aid-montana/.