“Rimrock is a service to our community!”

Beth K.

Adult Inpatient

Inpatient treatment is Rimrock’s most comprehensive program, allowing patients to fully engage without the distraction of outside influences.

The Inpatient treatment program at Rimrock is designed as a medically monitored 24 hour, seven day a week program. Here we provide services in a free standing, cost effective setting for individuals who have addictive illnesses. Inpatient rehab represents the most intensive level of services offered at Rimrock.

Gambling and sexual addiction have similar elements to substance addictions, including activation in the same parts of the brain. The symptoms shared by these disorders make treatment possible in the same treatment setting. The similarities also make cross-addiction a reality for many patients. For this reason, we believe all patients need exposure to education about their potential for “switching addictions”.

The eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia are also treated in this level of care at Rimrock. Following best practices, we provide concurrent treatment for eating disorders alongside the substance use. This is a specialized program track supervised by the eating disorder treatment team headed by Rimrock’s Psychiatrist. While food is not considered an addictive substance, the compulsive behaviors of patients with an eating disorder lend themselves to many of the same treatment interventions as are effective with other addictions.

Rimrock has a long history of providing care to clients who have a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. We believe we have set the standard for this type of care with our highly skilled treatment team.

The Inpatient program at Rimrock utilizes the following treatment modalities, which are customized to the patients’ needs.