“Words cannot express! Rimrock compassionately offered the help I needed and was the beginning of a very crucial life change and positive growth for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

Nicholas T.

Adult Day Treatment

The Day Treatment program, functions as an integrated component of the Inpatient Program at Rimrock.

The staff and related resources of the Inpatient program are utilized to deliver services to patients who may require more than 3 and up to 12 hours of daily intensive therapy in which to gain skills to implement an abstinence-based recovery plan.

Day Treatment is viewed as an essential level of care and element of the treatment continuum in which the hours and intensity of services may be individualized according to the treatment plan and clinical needs of the patient.

Patients may be admitted directly to Day Treatment, based upon a comprehensive assessment by Rimrock admission staff. Day Treatment is also used as a step-down program for patients who have completed Inpatient Treatment that would benefit from continued rehab services.

The Day Treatment program at Rimrock utilizes the following treatment modalities, which are customized to the patients’ needs.