“Your entire staff were loving and caring. I was grateful for the experiences that provided me with some unique personal contact that was helpful in returning back into actual society, SOBER!”

Brad Z.


Do not let your past define who you are. Let it refine the person that you want to be.

My recovery journey began in 2010 when I had a family member attend inpatient treatment. During their treatment, I attended Family Week at Rimrock. Family week led me to recovery because I was able to see how my choices were affecting other people. I used to justify my drinking because I had a full-time job. I was a full-time mom. And, I only drank on the weekends. I found out that it doesn’t matter when you drink, its how you drink. And, I realized I was an alcoholic.

I went to AA and got engaged in a recovery program. I was able to work with a sponsor that helped me work through the shame and guilt of the choices that I have made that affected my family. Now I don’t have to live in my past. I know that my past does not define who I am. Instead, I use my past to define the person that I want to become.

Today, I get to live in recovery. And that helps me make healthy choices. I’m not afraid to ask people for help. I’m not afraid to say I cannot do this on my own. I don’t have to be strong today. I’m able to ask for the help from others. I get to show my family how a person is able to make positive changes in their life and become a better person each day. And, I get to show them that in order to make changes, you have to put in hard work. It isn’t just given. Today, I maintain my recovery by setting boundaries and asking for help from other people.

I am a counselor at Michelle’s House. Michelle’s House is a long-term program that gives moms the opportunity to identify who they are, gain independence, and work with their children to rebuild their relationship in recovery and to make changes in their life. I get to walk beside amazing women that are working hard to rebuild their lives and their relationships with their children. I am able to hold clients accountable, be assertive, and counsel them with compassion. By sharing my experience, I can help these women identify that addiction does not discriminate against anyone. I try to show them that it’s okay to make mistakes in your life; it doesn’t define who you are.

Entering treatment is going to be scary and it’s not going to be easy. But, the first step is the most important step that you will ever take. A strong person asks for help and you never have to do this alone. There’s a lot of shame and guilt that come with an addiction, but you shouldn’t let that keep you from healing. Addiction does not discriminate against anyone. It does not pick and choose who it affects. It is a disease, and anyone can get it.

Do not be ashamed of who you are. Do not let your past define who you are. Let it refine the person that you want to be.

For me, Rimrock is recovery.

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