“You guys are awesome! I am so grateful to be over a year sober now! All thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and a power greater than myself. I wouldn’t have found AA if it wasn’t for you guys.”

Shawn D.


Rimrock Testimonials - Erin


My work is an amazing gift that helps me remember why I’m choosing to be in recovery.

I came to treatment at Rimrock for my addiction to methamphetamine and alcohol. I started using at a very young age, around fifteen. I went down a really dark path pretty fast.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Lesli


We’re going to get you where you need to go so you can have the life you want again.

I had a completely different life before alcohol became an issue for me. My husband of over thirty years and I have three girls. We didn’t raise our family with substances in our home.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Dave


You’re not alone. There is hope. And you are worthy.

I would say I grew up in a normal family. I had no reason to choose drugs and alcohol. But, it was normal to drink, and I kind of fell into that role pretty easily.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Mandy


My worst day in recovery is significantly better than my best day in active addiction.

I had received six felony drug charges in less than eighteen months. I’d been using methamphetamine, opiates, and heroine. I was homeless and feeling empty.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Andy


Make the call because life is worth it. You’re worth it, and there is no substitute for recovery.

When I was using, my family was torn apart as I think all families are. My drug use caused a lot of bitterness and division and hurt and pain and eventually I had no one to turn to but myself.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Annette


You work at your recovery daily. And I believe that I will continue at recovery for the rest of my life.

I was lost in addiction. It affected my family greatly. I had lost my children and lost the ability to have any sort of functioning connections with my family.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Bill


You need something that has more power than you and your addiction to get you through recovery.

My addiction tore my family apart. They couldn’t watch me kill myself slowly anymore and needed to stay away from me.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Bill


People have creativity they never knew they had. And, that’s a really fun thing to discover in recovery.

I was constantly miserable. I had started to use to kill the fear and to kill the discomfort I felt in my life. But it wasn’t a surgical killer, so it killed all my joy and it killed my peace.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Lisa


I’ve learned to take my experiences and help other people in addiction and give them hope.

By the time I sought treatment for alcoholism, nobody in my family was speaking to me.
I got a felony DUI, and at that point I was so tired of living the way I was living and feeling the way I was feeling that when it happened, I just wanted to stop.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Malissa


My recovery journey began in 2010 when I had a family member attend inpatient treatment.

I used to justify my drinking because I had a full-time job. I was a full-time mom. And, I only drank on the weekends.
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Rimrock Testimonials - Chelsea


Give yourself a chance to change your life and to get sober.

Before I got sober, I didn’t want to participate in my life. I eventually became so depressed that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning. I didn’t want to live.

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