“I miss the staff, they were all really friendly and welcoming. Putting myself in treatment was the best decision I have made for myself.”

Jaylen G.

Family Involvement

Families are like mobiles.

The love relationships between family members are like the almost invisible nylon cord which holds all parts of a mobile together and which will cause the whole mobile to move if just one part is touched.

Addictions affect whole families, causing a reaction similar to that of wind striking a mobile. Each part of a mobile moves and swings when wind strikes any part. Balance is restored in a mobile only when the wind stops and each part comes to rest in a new place.

When a loved one becomes dependent upon drugs, chemicals, food or addictive activities, their behavior changes. To accommodate these changes in the dependent, each family member will change their behavior and also the role or place they have in the family mobile. Unfortunately, however, these changes do not allow a peaceful balance, the changes act like constant wind, keeping the family in chaos; and, instead of peace, family members feel anxious, guilty and lonely.

Over thirty years of experience has shown us that family involvement when a loved one enters rehab is essential for the restoration of health and well being to your family unit. Research tells us that recovery rates are increased by as much as 50% when the family is involved in the treatment process. Since it is our desire to proved our patients and their families with the most effective treatment possible, we have made family participation an integral part of our program.

Our intensive week long Family Program is designed to assist family members in discovering how addiction has affected the family and each member in the family.

During this week of lectures, videos, group therapy and personal exercises, families gain new communication skills for the purpose of achieving healthier relationships and begin the journey toward their own recovering from co-dependency.

Our Family Week Coordinator will schedule Family Week for you. For more information please contact our Admissions Department at (406) 248-3175 or (800) 227-3953. See Family Week Guidelines for our various programs by clicking on the link below!

Family Week Guidelines