“Rimrock has gone out of their way to help me exceed my sobriety goals and maintain a healthy life. They’ve made it easier, more comfortable and possible!”

Cody E.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center

If you’ve decided to seek treatment for your addiction you probably have questions about what to do next. Selecting a treatment program that meets your needs is critical.  Involve your loved ones who are supporting you in this journey in the decision process, and have them help you review your options. There are a variety of things you should consider when looking for the right addiction treatment program for you.

Philosophy & View of Addiction

Treatment philosophies can vary from one program to another.  It is important that you learn in advance about the treatment philosophy for any program you are considering.  Make sure it fits with your belief system.  12 Step Programs are the most popular treatment philosophy and many centers base their care on this model.

At Rimrock, we introduce you to a 12 Step Recovery Program as well as teaching you healthy coping skills. We create the opportunity and provide you with the tools to overcome the chaos of addiction through innovative, compassionate and whole-person care.  We also believe strongly that the family is an important part of treatment and recovery. This is why we offer a family week experience during your treatment stay and encourage families to become involved. For more information about Rimrock’s treatment philosophy, contact our admissions department.

Insurance & Out-Of-Pocket Costs

When looking at treatment center options, make sure you check with your insurance provider to see whether they cover the cost of the program you are considering.  You’ll want to research what out-of-pocket costs you might have to pay and make sure you have a plan to pay for these.  Making sure you’re financially prepared for treatment will help reduce stress and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Choosing Treatment Options

It’s important to review the treatment options that a program offers. They often include both inpatient and intensive outpatient programs, as well as interventions, aftercare, sober housing and more.  Inpatient programs are the most intensive level of services, while outpatient programs are typically for individuals who have stable mental and physical health as well as a supportive recovery environment to return to at night.  Aftercare and relapse prevention programs should be evaluated to see what is available in your community. Transitioning back to home/community-based abstinence living is important and finding a program that can help you make this transition will improve your chances of a successful recovery.

Rimrock offers a variety of services and programs to help you navigate treatment and recovery. To learn about our services and treatment philosophy, call us at 406-248-3175 or 800-227-3953. We have staff available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also find us on Facebook, or by visiting our website at www.rimrock.org.

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