“Thank you so much for helping me see what has always been right in front of me and that’s a glimmer of hope. I feel like my life has turned for the better and couldn’t have done it without you.”

Don G.

Family and Addiction – The Power of Family Week

Family and Addiction

Addiction can shake entire families. As loved ones are trying to heal, family members may need to heal as well. At Rimrock, we believe committed involvement in treatment is essential in order to reach full restoration of health and well-being. This applies not only to the person seeking care but also for the entire family unit. It is our belief that in order to provide the most effective treatment possible, family participation must be a fundamental part of treatment.

Rimrock’s intensive, week-long family program is designed to provide insight into the effect addiction has had on the family as a whole and on each family member individually. To demonstrate this effect, Rimrock views a family as a mobile.

The love relationships between family members are like the nearly invisible nylon cords that hold the mobile together. When something disrupts one section it causes the entire mobile to move and shake. In the same way, when addiction affects one family member it impacts each and every family member. Whatever is disrupting the mobile must stop before it can come to rest in a new place. In this same way, addictions must be treated before a family unit can adjust to their new normal.

With over 40 years of treatment experience, Rimrock knows full restoration of health and well-being for the family unit requires interaction by all family members. In fact, research has shown the single most important variable to a successful treatment outcome, is family involvement. This has lead Rimrock to implement family participation as an integral part of our whole person treatment process.


Family Week

During family week, family members are able to discover how addiction has affected the family unit as a whole and each member of the family individually. This is a powerful tool in recovery that helps us provide the most effective treatment possible.

Addiction is a lifelong disease, which requires constant work to keep it in remission. Family week provides family members with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of addiction and provides them with the tools to support their loved ones as they begin their battle.

Family week is an intensive, one week, program that begins with an orientation on Sunday and progress through various sessions during the week. Participants will work through programs designed to help patients, as well as family members, cope and heal.

Group therapy, lectures, videos and personal exercises make up some of the programs that help families gain new communications skills. All of this is with the goal of achieving healthier relationships and beginning a journey toward their own recovery from co-dependency.

Not all treatment programs offer family involvement in the treatment process. Rimrock believes that integrating family into the addiction treatment process is critical to long-lasting recovery. So, we built our Family Week program around this concept. We have seen the short and long term benefits for families and patients alike who participate. Rimrock understands that addiction is a whole person illness that affects an individual’s emotional, physical, spiritual and social well-being. Family week and our program as a whole are designed to help people find a new balance in their life.

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