“Your entire staff were loving and caring. I was grateful for the experiences that provided me with some unique personal contact that was helpful in returning back into actual society, SOBER!”

Brad Z.


I’ve learned to take my experiences and help other people in addiction and give them hope.

By the time I sought treatment for alcoholism, nobody in my family was speaking to me. I got a felony DUI, and at that point I was so tired of living the way I was living and feeling the way I was feeling that when it happened, I just wanted to stop. And I didn’t know how to do that on my own. So, I called some friends and looked online and I found Rimrock. I decided to make the call, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

My children were living with their dad across the country and I wasn’t allowed to have any contact with them for the first three years of my recovery. It was slow at first to have a relationship with my kids. They were still leery of me. I had said I was sorry so many times and I was going to change so many times and I didn’t, so it took a while to gain their trust again. But it’s been amazing. Our relationships are a lot stronger now. I’m a lot closer to my kids and my family now and it’s awesome.

In my recovery I get to use every bad experience that I’ve ever had in my life— every trauma, anything that was hard to go through, any challenges that I’ve had in my life. I learned to take those experiences and help other women, other people in addiction and give them some hope that it doesn’t have to feel that way for the rest of your life.

My recovery is everything when it comes to my job. As a Rehab Tech Supervisor, my recovery helps me be a lot more compassionate, empathetic, and open-minded. I feel like I am able to go with the flow and really connect with the people I work with, connect with the patients, and connect with other staff members. I spend most of my day with clients and my recovery has helped to show them that a better future is possible.

We can’t pour from an empty cup, so it really is important to heal your own wounds and get yourself healthy. Before you can take care of your family and friends, you need to get healthy and take care of yourself.

For me, Rimrock is Recovery.

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