“I cherish the life I live today. Very grateful for the jump start in recovery that Rimrock was able to provide for me.”

Charles A.

Vivitrol: What is it and how can it help?

For centuries, medical professionals have studied the art of helping those suffering with addiction and substance abuse. In ages past, they were unclear how certain drugs affected their patients, and went to great lengths to alleviate their suffering. Now historians look back with current knowledge and are shocked at what attempts were made and how many were complete failures. Research and the field of medicine has truly evolved in the last few decades and many who were hesitant to prescribe medicine for substance abuse are now the biggest advocates for patients needing assistance. Medication Assisted Treatment is a part of medicine that has grown for the patient’s benefit.
Research shows us that treatment works for the majority of the people who consistently live a “recovery focused” life. But for some people who struggle, a different approach may be needed. Many people who come to Rimrock stay clean by working the steps, by staying in touch with their sponsor, and attending support meetings. And for majority, that works. But for a few who continuously relapse despite their best efforts, Medication Assisted Treatment may be the answer.

We encourage you to talk to us about it. We may have a solution.

The Vivitrol Program was created for those clients that need medication support in their recovery. Clients have reported that after using substances for many years, their thought processes, their mannerisms and overall physical being has changed.

We know this.
This is the nature of addiction. Changes may have occurred in their brain through the abuse of drugs. At they progress in recovery, they may still have cravings for the drug, despite following their recovery plan, because their brain is still in the old mode. The Vivitrol Program is designed to help lessen the cravings and triggers that come with living in recovery. Vivitrol may be an option for someone in treatment for alcohol or opiate addiction. It blocks the chemical in the brain that craves those substances. It isn’t a magical cure, but can provide another opportunity to live a healthy sober life.

Want to learn more about Vivitrol and how it can help you in your recovery? Call Rimrock today and ask us about it.

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