“Dr. Horn,
I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation the other day. Your information and your delivery were spectacular. Frankly, I wish I had had a recorder on hand, as it’s difficult to remember all you said… I just wanted to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm with regard to addressing brain disease. Incredible information.”

Mary F.

Parents’ Guide to Adolescent Addiction & Treatment

As a parent or caregiver, coping with your child’s addiction is never easy.  Adolescents are especially sensitive to social cues from peer groups, which can lead to substance abuse issues.  They differ from adults physiologically as well as emotionally and therefore will benefit from a treatment program designed specifically to address their individual needs. Rimrock has 50 years experience helping parents and caregivers navigate the difficulties of an adolescent addiction.

Our comprehensive assessments are designed to identify both chemical dependency and psychiatric issues. The first step in the process is for the adolescent to complete a series of psychological evaluations, while at the same time the parents or guardian meets with a counselor to provide an essential family history.  Next, a counselor will meet individually with the adolescent to complete a full assessment. The final step in our process is a meeting between the counselor, the adolescent, and the parents or guardian.  At this time, the results of the evaluation and assessment will be shared as well as our recommendation.

Our most intensive program for adolescents is the residential treatment program.  We offer the New Choices program for boys and the Freedom House for girls. The average length of stay is six to eight weeks depending on the unique needs of the adolescent and their family. You can learn more about our residential treatment program by visiting     https://www.rimrock.org/adolescent-services/adolescent-residential/.

Rimrock also offers two less intensive treatment programs, Day Treatment and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient. These programs offer an opportunity to live at home and attend school while undergoing treatment at our New Choices facility. The Day Treatment program can also function as a step-down from the more intensive residential program. Our counselors will help you decide on the best treatment option for your child.

Rimrock believes strongly in family involvement during the treatment process. Each of our adolescent programs includes some type of family program and active participation by the family is encouraged. You can learn more about our beliefs concerning family involvement, and our Family Week program by visiting https://www.rimrock.org/for-family-friends/.

Continuing care or aftercare is essential in maintaining long-term sobriety.  For this reason, each of our patients, together with their parents or guardian, will attend two discharge planning sessions during their treatment stay. These sessions are specifically designed to address their continuing care needs.  In addition, each youth will leave Rimrock with a discharge plan and appointments to begin an aftercare program. Our Aftercare program is open to any youth who completed treatment and is working on a recovery program. Our focus is on providing teens with the tools they need to identify and make healthy choices that will help them achieve long-term sobriety.

Rimrock understands the difficulties that adolescent addiction can present and is ready to support both you and your child during treatment and their journey towards recovery. Our admissions staff are focused on helping you navigate that process. You can reach them at 406-248-3175 or 800-227-3953. We have staff available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Recovery is Freedom.  Contact us today.

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