“You guys are awesome! I am so grateful to be over a year sober now! All thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and a power greater than myself. I wouldn’t have found AA if it wasn’t for you guys.”

Shawn D.

The Holidays are coming!!! Are you ready?

It is that time of year again. Thanksgiving. The kids have time off of school, the relatives are coming and Aunt Sue is bringing a jello mold. You still have to plan your meal, figure out how to make the perfectly massive, moist-and-not-too-cooked bird for all your family members to gather around and be thankful for; talk about pressure!


We at Rimrock know that the holidays are stressful. All too often, the reason for the season gets lost in the “to-do” list and the expectations to make everything APPEAR to be perfect. But sometimes, appearances aren’t always reality.
When preparing for the holidays this year, remember the reason your family gathers. Focus on the small moments in the kitchen, teaching a younger generation to prepare meals for others and be proud of the meals they serve. Stay present in the belly laughs with your friends and loved ones, studies show that those who laugh live happier!
So, remember the reason for the season, gather your loved ones close and be thankful.
Below, are some helpful signs of a functional family. Print it off, share it with your family members, set goals for your gathered loved ones to work together to be stronger!

Signs of a Healthy and Functional Family

A healthy family has:
1. The ability to negotiate with other members of the family without put-downs.

2. The ability to say yes or no without the price tag of rejections.

3. The ability to ask without demanding.

4. The confidence in the stability of the relationship.

5. The ability to show feelings of all kinds without fear of losing the relationship.

6. The ability to have specific relationships with individuals in the family.

7. The confidence in the honesty of the family members, in feeling trusted by others.

8. The ability to celebrate, have fun, and play.

Rimrock is committed to making sure every family is healthy and cohesive. If you are curious about our many Adolescent, Family, or Outpatient services, let us know! Find us on Facebook. Or, call us directly at 406-248-3175. You can also see our many programs through our website at ww.rimrock.org

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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