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Adolescent Addictions: Rimrock Can Help

Coping with adolescent addictions can be a very difficult subject for parents, caregivers or other role models. Adolescents are especially sensitive to social cues from peer groups, which can lead to substance abuse issues early in life. Adolescents differ from adults physiologically as well as emotionally and therefore benefit from a treatment program designed to address the individual needs of the adolescents, their parents, and family members. Rimrock offers a range of services to meet these needs. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options.

Adolescent Assessments

Identifying and understanding chemical dependency and psychiatric issues in teens can be very difficult for family members. That is why Rimrock offers adolescent assessments, designed to assist family members and teens in identifying these problems. The process involves a series of psychological tests while parents or guardians meet with a counselor to provide historical information.

Next, the Counselor will meet individually with the adolescent to complete a full assessment. The final step is a meeting with the Counselor, the adolescent and parents or guardians. The results of the testing and the assessment will be shared, along with Rimrock’s recommendations. If you’re interested in an assessment please contact Michelle Pinnow at 406.248.3175 or 800.227.3953.


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If our recommendation is residential treatment, Rimrock understands that a positive outcome can only be achieved if the program addresses the special needs of each individual teen. Our specialized programs are designed to help adolescents, their parents, and family members, whose lives are being negatively influenced through the abuse of mood-altering chemicals.

Rimrock offers two adolescent residential treatment programs. Our New Choices program is designed to serve boys and our Freedom House program serves girls. Each program is an intensive developmentally appropriate treatment program. The programs address school performance, family relationships, social relationships, physical health and spiritual well-being because chemical dependency affects each of these areas. Successful treatment requires the active involvement of a patient’s family. You can learn more about our family program here.


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Intensive Outpatient

Rimrock understands that taking an adolescent out of school can impact their lives in significant ways. Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient program is designed to provide quality addiction treatment while allowing youth to live at home and attend school. The outpatient program takes place at our New Choices facility. It is held after school hours and can be accessed directly through referral or as a step-down service for youth completing a residential course.

This program involves individual and group therapy as well as a family component designed to strengthen bonds and support families in adopting zero-tolerance strategies regarding substance use.


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Aftercare is one of the most important components in achieving long-term sobriety. Each patient attends two discharge-planning sessions along with his or her parents or guardians. The first session is during family week and the second at the completion of a treatment. Each youth leaves with a discharge plan and appointments to begin their aftercare program in their community. Aftercare focuses on helping teens identify relapse triggers, and to learn to make healthy choices that will allow them to continue towards long-term sobriety.


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School Based Programs

Rimrock has partnered with School District II and Juvenile Probation to develop and implement substance use and mental health counseling in the high schools and middle schools. These programs include individual counseling, peer support groups, motivational enhancement groups, relapse prevention and Seven Challenges groups.


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MIP/DUI Classes

If an adolescent has been convicted of a MIP, DUI or similar offense, the state requires the individual to complete the ACT (assessment, course, & treatment) program. Rimrock provides a scheduled open intake for individuals who need to complete the program, on Tuesdays at 4:00 pm and Thursday at 12:00 pm, excluding holidays. For full details and contact information, learn more below!


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Drug Testing

Rimrock offers drug testing to the public 24 hours a day. Results will be available the following day, afternoon, and are only communicated in person. Test results are not available over the phone. Rimrock offers the following drug test:

·      5 Panel Test (Cocaine, Benzodiazepine, Opiate, THC, and Amphetamine)

·      Take Home 5 Panel Dip test

·      Alcohol Test (EtG) The EtG tests for alcohol for up to 80 hours.

·      Blood Alcohol Level Test (Breathalyzer)

·      Dip Test for Spice


For questions please contact us at 406.248.3175 or 800.227.3953.

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